Sunday, 5 October 2014

Free Samples ... Nivea

So I've been kind of getting obsessed with couponing and things because as we all know I am sure is tight. Soooo I used a website where I've signed up to all sorts of free samples (, nothing flash but anyway one of my samples came around a week ago . I've had a few perfume samples and some cat food samples too so the website is definitely worth a look. 

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream: 

So I thought I'd do a small review on it ........

I have strange skin , kind of my cheeks forehead and nose are dry but my chin is greesy .. strange I know ... anyway so I have tried a few creams some quite expensive but I have found that using this cream it seems to actually work or should I say does what it says on the tin. Unlike most moisturing creams this isn't sticky and it dries really fast on my face leaving no residue .. my pet hate is when my face feels constantly wet after appling the cream... another of the problems I seem to find is that normally with a lot of the creams I have tried they tend to set my chin spots off which this one so far has not and doesn't really feel like its going too. 

I think that this cream would be good for some skin conditions.  

Anyways I should probably get to bed soon. Night Night All x