Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Ignite My Colour - Review

Hi again , 

So I'm not really a fan of dry shampoos I can't really go for more than one day without washing my hair which I know is bad and I should leave it longer and I am going to try and leave it longer from now on.... But I just always feel like it's greasy straight away. ( I only really bought it because it was on OFFER and anyone that knows me knows I can't resist a bargain)

So for this review I left my hair for two days ... (living life to the max I know) , I had that icky feeling on the second day I woke like my hair was rocking the "wet" (grease) look lol ... oh apparently you should leave your hair longer and longer each time as it apparently stops it from getting greasy straight away... okay so back to the point....

I do dye my hair dark brown but since I used to have red hair it's still got the "red glow" going on so I used it on the underneath of my hair and sides where I feel you can see the minging bits first (directions said spray and work into roots) and I knew I was going to put my hair into a pony tail (after two years of growing my hair I can finally do it YAY) ... so I needed those bits doing 

Firstly for me it didn't do much to my colour but like I said I don't really have a wild colour going on the moment I am trying to look sensible for work .... So I can give my opinion on the colour bit....

It did make my hair feel a lot fresher and it didn't leave any of those nasty white bits which is why I don't use dry shampoo in the first place. I was quite impressed and OH MY GOD it smells amazing just like the shampoo , all day at work I kept getting a whiff of the luscious smelll , it was devive, 


Overall I would rate this product : GOOD , does what it says on the tin but I will definitely try it once I dye my hair a more adventurous colour . So yes this product was super easy to use , just spray work it into your roots or wherever you need to and see immediate results, no residue which is good since I have very dark hair. So yes I would recommend this to all you lovely people.  

I also wanted to point out that there are other Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo to try ....
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Here is the link below where you can purchase yours.....

Love <3