Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How To Cover Your Dark Baggy Eye Circles.

I woke up today with the awfulest baggest eyes ever and a break out , after been ill for a week now I have finally come to work and everyone knows I must be ill if I have took a day off. Now I wish I stayed off again but least I finally got some sleep and I do feel slightly better but now I just feel like I came back too early.

Anyways here's a picture to help with baggy eyes I hope you like? 

Glitter and Stars make everything better. <3
No just kidding here's some little tips from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

Use a good moisturiser I use Nivea Soft & Gentle. Flipping love Nivea.

Get a good concealer pick a shade lighter than your skin tone. I always use a tube concealer (2true 3in 1 - Light) as I find that the stick concealer is a bit dry and pulls on my eye bags and also with me having really dry skin I find it kind of clumps /gathers on me face and then I have to use even more moisturiser. 

TOP TIP : Using a peach colour can help counteract blue tinge from dark circles.(mine are more of a reddish colour and I find this works best for me so it may not work best for you).

Apply concealer after foundation as you will find that you rub most of it off in the foundation process.The foundation I use is "Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Colour Ivory" 

Don't forget to set your eyes with a power I use "Stay matte by Rimmel Colour Translucent 001"This will help your concealer last the day.  

Let me know what you do to cover dark eye circles ? Is it any different to me? 
To be honest I rarely get dark circles but since I have not slept well for like 3 days it has happened. boohoo. xox