Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'm new to this...newbie

Hi everyone,

I am very new to this whole blogging thing so please bare with me.... hmmm where to start...

I have just set up a YouTube channel so apparently this would be the next step, i'm not entirely sure where I am going with all this, it's just for fun really.I guess most of my videos are going to be a lot about the hauls , coupons and freebies I buy/receive. Yes I am a major coupon collector I even find myself buying products I dont need or use just because I have a coupon for them.... IT'S NOT RIGHT.... haha. I may also have a slight addiction brewing .... I HOPE NOT. 

Speaking on obsessions... I am also obsessed with My Little Pony , share with my your obsessions and all things pretty and geeky :-D

Anyway my name is Marie I am 27 years old and i'm from the UK, I love all things pretty and geeky. Actually I will be doing a few videos on the subscription boxes I get monthly so yeah that should be FUN FUN FUN.

So if you get bored go have a look at my videos , comment on them tell me what you would like to see or what you think of them, like I said I don't really know what I am doing , to be honest I don't even know how to read other peoples blogs ...ops , I need to find out how if anyone reads this and can tell me I would be very grateful. ???????????///

love x