Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Look What I Just related :-)

So my step-daughter well she's not my step daughter yet but me and my partner have been together for like forever so I class her as a daughter, anyway stop the rambling on....

She is a massive I mean massive Minecraft fan so for Xmas I just bought her a Creeper soft toy so she can cuddle him in bed.... I was so excited I had to share...Bless her she will love him

This is like the first thing we have bought her for Xmas so far, I keep nagging the boy to get starter otherwise we will blink and it will be Xmas day then he will have me running around on Xmas eve panic buying her any crap we find. We don't get to see her on Xmas one of those "situations" but we don't mind we make our own Xmas day for her either the day before or the day after Xmas.

Last year was soooo cute , we didn't tell her that Santa was coming that night I think it was like the day before boxing day she went to bed as normal , we wrote her a letter that said:

Dear Trinity, 

I know that you wouldn't see your dad on Christmas at all this year so I thought I'd make a special trip just for you. 

Keep up the good work. 

Love Santa. 

It honestly was the cutest thing ever to see her face and how shy she was that she never knew he was coming. We even did the whole glitter foot prints from Santa, We knew that it was going to be one of the last Christmas's where she would believe that Santa was real (she's 8) , so far though she's still believing which is good, we want to keep her little forever :-) 

Anyway here is the link where I bought the Creeper he was only £7

Love x