Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 ... FINALLYYYYYYY

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Hi everyone

So I ordered the Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 box from www.latestinbeauty,com I have never used this site before or heard of it , I only found it through a blog. I was actually looking for a monthly subscription but I ended up buying this instead ... hmmm....

Firstly I can not describe how pretty the box looked and how it was wrapped was super duper cute...

I didn't know most of the items I would receive but I kinda like surprises :-D .. I actually love the fact that most of the items were sample sizes because then I don't feel as bad if  I don't like something haha. So i'll go ahead and tell you all the goodies I bought.

Bourjois 1 Seconda Mascara 

This was actually full size which I was super happy about because I love Bourjois mascara I normally use Bourjois 1001. This product has a real unique brush on it I've never seen a mascara brush like it , not that I have ever look at every single mascara brush in the world but you get my drift. 

The brush really does grab each eye lash and it seemed to make them extra long and there wasn't many clumps on the lash it's self which I personally don't like and will have to get them off immediately because I'm a bit crazy like that. This mascara is also waterproof which is ideal for me because what I normally do is (because my eyelashes are such a pain and won't stay curled) I have to apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara first straight after curling the lash and let that dry and then add the rest of the mascara this seems to hold my lashes better than anything I have ever tried, Actually if anyone has any other tips on how to keep my lashes curled please feel free to post below. Although it did not seem to dry in one second on me I wasn't really that bothered I loved it all the same. Also the bottle is sooooooo shiny...... shiny .....shinyyyyyyyy

Eyeko Eye Makeup Remover Wipes... 

I'm not really a buy expensive face wipes girl I'm more of a 2 for a £1 wipe girl I don't really care so long as it gets my make up off my face and eyes :-).... now these wipes I could definitely tell a difference to my normal wipes , my face didn't feel shredded and it wasn't like a beetroot afterward (from rubbing hard)..  I mean if you can afford to buy these wipes I would recommend them ... I'm happy to receive them but me personally once I have used all of them I doubt I would pay that price.... :-)  ( They are around £8 for 10 wipes)

James Read Sleep Mask Tan 

Now personally I am not a fan of false tan (that rhymed) but since I received it I may as well try it right? 
All I did was before I went to bed put the thinnest layer I could on my face and I was quite worried because no matter what I do I seem to have dry skin especially around my cheeks so I didn't want to have loads of orange patches. So I put some of my nivea cream on first and made sure I was 100% dry then applied this afterward. I have to say I am soooooo surprised at the results. (I tried to take a picture of my face but you just couldn't tell the difference on a photo and there;s no way I would go any darker than the amount I applied). My face wasn't patchy and it had a very nice light glow to it, I normally rock the ghost look even my foundation is close to white haha, but yes I LOVE IT so when I know I will be wearing dark clothes I will definitely make an effort to put this on the night before so I don't look like a ghost . 

Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

 This is the type of item where I feel like you need to use it for more than a few days before you can really comment on it , I don't have many split ends and I don't use many heat products as I just let my hair dry naturally apart from on a weekend where I'll probably blow dry it or curl it with a curling wand.


It provides defense from daily heat appliances, breakage and environmental effects.Use on wet hair can also be used a detangle spray or can be scrunched into dry hair to remove frizz.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 

Me personally I don't use a primer even though I probably should...this cream creates an invisible layer before you apply your foundation, it did keep my makeup lovely for the full day sometimes I get a little bit patchy as the day goes on but this seemed to really help. 

I will be purchasing some of this.......I wish they sent a bitter bottle haha...

This is apparently ideal for oil skin types also sensitive skin and acne. Oil controlling ingredients ensure long wear and flawless application.

Maybelline Stripped Nudes by COLORsensational

This is also one of my favourite items everrrrrrrr..... 

The colour I got was sultry sand number 710 , honestly it's beautiful goes on so smooth and lovely, gives my lips a lovely soft pretty finish, ideal for work. 
It also seemed to stay on my lips for a good few hours before I had to apply more which I loved. 

Honestly you have to buy this item it really is lovely.....

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This cleanser removed most of the make up I was wearing at the time but I personally don't wear a lot of make up so I don't know how it would be if I had a bit more on. I wasn't that keen on the smell it reminded me of tea tree oil but actually once it was on my face it was quite refreshing. Left my skin feeling lovely ..


So this was all of the items in the beauty box I paid £15.99 for all of this it all retailed at £80 I was so impressed with it, I love trying new things , also this would make the ideal Christmas present. 

Here is the link where I purchased this

Love x