Monday, 10 November 2014

3 Things I have learnt about Blogging so far.....

Hi peeps,

So I have been Blogging for a month now and it has flew over SOOO thought i'd do a post on what I have learned about Blogging so far, so here is goes:

- Blogging clears my mind ...

I have been going though a bad time recently, I find it hard to talk to family/friends as I don't want to put my worries onto them so I thought after years of debating about starting a blog I would finally just do it. I wanted a place I could come and could write/vent/do whatever I felt like doing. 

Something else to concentrate on something else, take my mind off things. 

As well as having a passion for all things pretty/cute here was my chance to concentrate on happier things and not be bogged down with the day to day life stresses. My Blog has been my rock/go to place over the past few weeks and I am loving writing,

- It's not quantity its quality ...

I thought as a Blogger is was so important to post every day but it's not... of course it is good to keep in touch with other fellow Bloggers and I love reading other peoples post just as much as I enjoy writing my own.

Writing a good thoughtful post goes down a lot better than one just to say I've posted something.

I also don't have that much of an interesting life to post EVERY day hahah. I think you can tell the posts where thought, time and effort have gone into them over posts that have just been quickly written to say that they have posted something that day.

Just have fun with it, you make your own rules.  

 - You don't have to label your blog ...

Of course there will be Bloggers that literally only Blog about beauty products or the latest fashion trend and that's fine but you don't HAVE to put yourself in a box/label you can Blog about what you want this is your space to do what you want with... 

When I first started my Blog , Bloglovin had a box to fill in ... "Describe your Blog" and I felt pressure to label my blog ... So here's my label "I am a blogaboutanyhingiwant blogger so what you going to do about it?" 

I am passionate about a lot of things so who knows what I might post about next... mwahaha (evil laugh). 

The main thing is to have fun with it and love what you do... What have you learnt about Blogging so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Marie xox