Monday, 17 November 2014

Barry M Make Up Brushes Collection - Cruelty FREE....

Hello beautiful people,

Well I saw on my Facebook this morning that Barry M have make up brushes available, I think they are newish as I have never seen them in stores... Have you?

I am definitely going to give these a try once they come to stores near to me. (They are out of stock on the Superdrug website or maybe not in stock yet??) ... I  mean not only is the prices amazingly cheap but they are cruelty FREE which just makes them all the more amazing to me.

What make up brushes do you use? 


I am going to try the mini brush set for £9.99 what would you guys like to try?  By the sounds of it this kit is the travel kit so they won't be too big but I have a mini make up bag anyway so they look perfect. 

Let me know what you guys think? 
Marie xox