Monday, 24 November 2014

Gift Guide: For Someone That Has Everything...

Good morning/afternoon whatever time it is for you reading this,

So we all have that one person in our lives that has everything and when you ask them what they want for Christmas their reply is “nothing just don’t bother this year”, apart from wanting to strangle them for that answer you realise you HAVE to buy them something. 

They like to add to the stress of Christmas, you running around in each shop searching for that extra special something that they probably won’t ever use but you can’t bare to see their face on Xmas day when they actually realise you really did buy them a thing. 

Well here I complied a little list of possible gifts for those people that “Don’t want anything this year” or “have everything they need” so if you have one of those awkward people in your lives then this is the list for you;


1.       The Slush Cup… Because how cool would it be for a cup to turn your fav drink into a slush ? mmmm red bull £8.99


2.     Stress Mushroom. For stress heads like myself? PERFECT - £5.99 
( why does the little clip look wrong? maybe it;s just me haha) 


          3.    Biscuit Pocket Mug. For those biscuit lovers, sometimes it is difficult to hold your tea and a handful of bisuits at the same time.. this solves that problem. - £6.99

   4.       Peace Hand Ring Holder… How cool is this dude? If your like me you have nowhere to put your rings and end up finding them in random places in your you have that one special place to go to.. PEACE. - £10

    5.       Glow In The Dark Pillow Case. If you're a night owl like me why not get one of these draw a little picture then watch it glow in the dark .. you can wash after your done .. would be cute to write little notes to your hubby <3 - £16.99


 6.       Lapkins.For those messy eater comedians in our lives. Bit of a twist this Christmas rather than the good old napkins - £4.99

 7.       1 Million Pound Note… “Fake it until til you make it?” -  £1.99

      8.       Self Stirring Mug. For those Monday mornings you want to end your life then add less stress to your day by purchasing this self stirring mug, one less thing to do that morning… - £4.75

        9.       Loch ness Salt, Pepper & Oil Shaker. .. Says it all really. £9.99

10.   Monkey Nail Drier. For the nail polish mad crazies that can  not wait for nails to dry but insist after 30 second you can itch that sudden itch that only ever appears after you have painted your nails then this is the item for you… - £8 

So there you have it , I hope that helped ya’ll out this year, which one is your fav? . 

Marie xox