Sunday, 21 December 2014

Angelina Jolie Style Diamond Earrings For Under £2

Good day beautiful people, 

I had to share with you all my latest find on Ebay......................

Angelina Jolie Style Earrings for like £1.37 , yes you read it right £1.37 ... I am literally in love with these earrings. I find that I don't spend a lot of current trending jewellery because I only wear it a few times but when it's this price you just really don't mind. 

Angelina is just stunning I love her style and of course I love Brad hehe. 



Heres the link to order yours here.

Share with me any latest trending jewellery you have found recently? 

Not long until Santa comes to pay us all a visit , I am not sorted with my Xmas shopping but I hope you all are. Merry Christmas. xox 

Marie xox