Saturday, 13 December 2014

Apparel Candy ; Wishlist December 2014

Good Evening everyone,

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Here's my wishlist from their items I hope you like: 

Beautiful range of earrings, bracelets,bangles and rings. Available in a range of colours and designs. These were my favs, love the little detail on them you could wear them during the day or a night out. 

This stunning faux biker jacket, I am loving the stud detail, we all need a leather jacket in our lives. Available in S,M,L. 

Wide range of skirts, this was soooo cute. Would look lovely with a black shirt and some silver accessories. 

These sweatpants are adorable with rose printed detail, love wearing these in these winter months to keep me snug. 

This bag is my ultimate fav beautiful star studded detail is absolutely stunning, the bag can be worn a variety of ways thanks to it's adjustable straps. 

This perfume Bumble Bee is inspired by Marc Jacobs, Honey. 

They also do mens fragrances at amazing wholesale prices. 

They also sell a good range of cosmetics and nail polishes these two were my fav colours. 

And finally Apparel Candy's sunglasses are amazing there was sooooo many pretty pairs to chose from vintage,mens,novelty,driving and much much more. You can buy them here
These two styles were my top favs. 

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 Tell me what your favourite item is ? 
I hope you all enjoyed reading. 
Marie xox