Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Celeb Style Dresses You Need In Your Life ..New Year Under £50

Hi Everyone , 

Not long now until the fat man in the red suit comes, hope you all get everything you've ever wanted and have an amazing day.

Whilst snooping around Ebay I found some amazing dresses they are on my shortlist for the "New Year" night out, they are also celeb dupe dresses because "why not?". 

Kate Middleton Style Dress: You can buy yours here. £39.99

Is this not the best most amazing dress you have ever seen in your life? lol. I would have preferred it in the silver colour rather than gold but my my my it's stunning all the same. Think this one would be a bit too long for me or I would have to wear some heels. 

Michelle Keegan Style Dress: You can buy yours here. £12.95

This dress is just so simple but beautiful clings to all the right places. It's a midi dress I don't really like my dresses too short so this is something very much my style. I think with this dress being so dark I would need a little bit of a natural glow rather than my pale self hehe. 

Cheryl Cole Style Dress : You can buy yours here. £19.95. 

Sequin off the shoulder style mini dress is absolutely stunning , you can never go wrong with a sequence dress in my eye. Would look lovely paired with black accessories and shoes or you could go for a statement colour. 

And lastly I just want to say another big Thank you to all of my Followers and Readers, you are all amazing and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. 

Merry Christmas. xox