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Finding The Perfect Prom Dress...

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I was sooooo excited to write this post about Aviva Dresses what better excuse than to browse through beautiful dresses dreaming of all the ones I want to order hehe. Now with it coming up to the end of the year and we all have 2015 to look forward to and we ladies like to be super organised dress wise. Spring next year some of us will have proms and no doubt lots of weddings and special occasions to look forward to, if so then Aviva Dresses is the place to look.

Aviva Dresses do an amazing range of Long Prom dresses , Short prom dresses, Evening dresses, Formal dresses, Wedding dresses , Bridesmaid Dresses and Cocktail Dresses.  They even do a range of Mother of the Bride dresses as well as Wedding Accessories

The reviews on the website are brilliant Aviva has bottom prices but TOP quality. 

All your wedding and prom needs on ONE website they also offer FREE shipping on items over £199 they also ship within 48hours. Another thing I love about this website is the fact that you can also customise your colour and size therefore getting the perfect dress. 

One thing I have always had a problem with is floor dresses and I love them sooo much but they are always TOO long so this type of customisation would be perfect for me and I would love the fact I could still wear a long beautiful dress without it being a tripping hazard hah. 

Aviva also have a good range of colour choices throughout each section of their dresses which is an amazing bonus.  

Stunning dresses at affordable prices, really what more can we ask for??

I thought I would go through their items and share with you a few of my favourites:


Prom Dress
 Stunning floor length black dress with rhinestone embelishment corset top.

Prom Dress
 Another floor length stunner I absolutely love the pink on this one. This is a real princess dress haha with beading embellishments. 


Short Prom Dress
I wore a short prom dress to my prom because the floor length just didn't work for me. I love how this dress still has the flared out bottom and corset style top. This dress is two-tone also available in loads of other colours. Has beads and sequence detail on the dress. 

Short Prom Dress
This dress is just soooo simply stunning I love the lightest pink with the little black bow detail. Simple elegant design. Also available in a variety of colours but this one is my favourite I think a light colour suits the design of the dress. 


Evening Formal Dress
 Another one of my favourites I love the mermaid style dresses, I love that it gives you a bit of shape rather than straight up and down. I would keep it in this colour it has rhinestone embellishments on top I love the little style of the belt nipping in the waist(even though it's not a belt). 

Formal evening dress
The colour of this dress is sooo pretty I am loving light pinks at the moment, lovely soft colours. I love the detail on the top of the dress and it makes a nice change from the corset style tops. 

Cocktail Dress
Beautiful beaded satin black dress , we can never have enough black dresses. I love that it nips in at the waist and I love the lace section on the shoulder line it sets the dress of fantastically. 

Cocktail Dress

I know this dress is quite a comparison to the last dress colour and even style wise but I just loved the colour and how glitzy it is. 


Bridesmaid Dress

I really love the stlye of this bridesmaid dress this is something I would chose for my wedding, I love the simple floor design with the one shoulder strap and little sash. I probably wouldn't have it in this colour I would go more of a light toned green or blue. 

Bridesmaid Dress

Another simple designed bridesmaid dress but sometime I think less is more I mean I want to stand out on my big day haha. I love the colour of this one this would also suit all sizes woman and look stunning all the same. 


Wedding Dress

I love the shoulder lace design on this dress again not to many frills and quite a simple design, I love how it nips in at the waist adding shape but also giving off the princess vibe with the flare at the bottom and trail. I am quite insecure about my arms so I love the idea of them being covered up like this. 

Wedding Dresses

This mermaid style dress is absolutely stunning like I said above I would like the lace to cover my arms but have more of this style of dress and I love the cute little bow on the front. Absolutely stunning. 

So there you have it, I think I covered most occasions, now I am so excited for next year :) 

Go visit  they really do have some amazing dresses. 

What was your favourite dress? What Style do you go for?

Marie xox