Sunday, 7 December 2014

One Of Those Sundays.......

Hello beauts,

Hope your all having a good Sunday. 

I went for a nice walk today it was.... FRESH.. took a few snaps. Had a lovely chill day , went to mama's for Sunday lunch saw my niece basically just what the doctor ordered. Now I am going to chill watching naff films and eat my weight in whatever goodies I can find in the cupboard. :) 

Tried out my new Sally Hansen Lip Gloss and have to say it is remarkable and lasted a good few hours. Nice cute pinky with a little glitter. We all need glitter in our lives. <3

The sun stealing the selfie hehe. 

How cute??? I want a farm.

Sister selfie time. <3

My cat telling me everything is going to be alright hehe. 

New polish I got (all details will feature in Blog post this week) Purple Lola polish on bottom and the new Bourjois Polish on top. Although it took ages to dry the after effect is soooo CHRISTMASSSSYYYY. It looks like little pieces on tinsel hehe. <3 

Have a lovely night. 

Marie xox