Friday, 9 January 2015

Look Fantastic Beauty Box - Review January 2015

Hello beautiful people,

As some of you may know that follow me I have a slight “beauty box” addiction and here is the latest one. Hehe.

Look Fantastic – Now this is my first ever box from these guys and I was impressed with the products I received. I paid £15 free delivery of course the box and wrapping were sooooo cute which I always appreciate. 

I love the fact that with Look Fantastic you don’t know what the box will contain until you receive it … I love surprises who doesn't?

The products you receive are a good mixture, they can range from cosmetics, body, skin or hair assortments you will always receive at least 6 products which for £15.00 I can’t complain.

So without further ado here are the items I received:

Myvitamins 20 tablets £4.49:

I’ll be honest these types of tablet things are not really my thing I just can’t handle drinking anything like this so I gave them to my hubby who says they are “nice and orangey” oh yeah not forgetting “fizzy. You can get many flavours in myvitamins ideal for anyone wanting to increase their daily vitamin intake for a healthier lifestyle.

Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence 60ml £6.95:

Of course anyone that has just read any of my recent posts will know I have been raving about this product in my “current favourites” post which you can read here.

Heat protecting spray for all hair types including coloured hair. Proctects hair from breakage and environmental factors, tangles an adds shine. Smells like heaven too, I can smell it all day on my hair.

Molton Brown London Eucalyptus Body Wash 100ml £9.99:

The fragrance of this is absolutely amazing so refreshing, warming and not too strong. To be honest this isn’t something I would have picked up myself as I don’t really like what I call “aromatherapy” smells, but this body wash is just sooo relaxing and soothing on the skin.

Gatineau Paris Eye Pads £6.13 1pack of 2:

Rejuvenate your eyes from dark patches and plump out wrinkles, I don’t have wrinkles yet but with me having trouble sleeping this sounds like the perfect product right now.

Place one pad directly under the lower eyelashes and leave for 10 minutes. How quick and easy right? 

Goldwell Dualsenses Color Extra Rich Treatment 50ml £2.99:

Never tried this brand but I love a good old hair treatment especially since I got my hair ombré. Apply to wet hair like any normal conditioner leave for 60 seconds and wash out. 

For thick to coarse coloured hair. Will let you know how I get on with this one.

Nuke Masque Crème Fraiche de Beauté Fresh Mask 50ml £18.50:

Us girls love a good old face cream I am interested to try this one with it being so expensive.(never spent this much on a face cream before).

Leave on the face and eye area for 10 minutes gently massage any excess product in with fingertips or you can remove residue with toning lotion. Enriched with almond and orange smells divine skin will look moisturised and revitalised after just 24hours.

Final verdict: 

This box contained two full sized products and I love the fact that I can try the "higher end" brands without paying the "high end price". The sample sizes are a "good" size, this box covered a nice range of body, hair and skin products. 

This was definitely a great first box experience for me and YES I would order another one :)  

What did you think of this box? Have you had any good beauty boxes recently? 

Marie xox