Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Technic Sultry and Matte Eyeshadow Palette ; Review January 2015 (love thy makeup)

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**Disclaimer the following products have been sent to me as a PR sample for review consideration, however all opinion and thoughts on the products are my own.**

I was so excited when I was contacted by Technic about there products, when I was a teenager I used to save up my pocket money and go to a little makeup shop that sold all of there stuff and buy it especially the nail polishes. 

They very kindly sent me two very cute palettes to review so without further ado here we go:

The first palette I am going to review is the Matte Eyeshadows Palette(does not have palette name):

The packaging is very sleek, black and sturdy it did not crack in my mahoosive bag full of everything so that’s a plus to me ;). Soooo easy to open and close.
The front of the palette is pretty much translucent so you can see the colours in the palette which already would attract me to buy the palette ( I like to see inside).

This palette contains a 6 piece eye shadow set and holds a double ended applicator with 6 individual coordinated colours.

The palette includes some very subtle shades that I really love, as anyone following my Blog knows I LOVE my neutral shades, however if you like the “darker” lid there are a few that are a little darker to create more of a night time/night out look.

So from left to right in case you can’t see from my pictures the colours are:

Light cream, skin tone cream, light pink, woody brown, burnt brown and almost black.

The colours I have worn together the most are the light cream and light pink they make such a pretty combo. I found they lasted all day without a top up I think this was helped by the matte finish. All the colours have been chosen to complement each other and you could easily make up more great combinations. Let me know which colours you would put together?

This palette retails from around £2-£3 so not only are you getting top quality you and also receiving low prices. My purse would be very happy. 

Sultry Eyeshadows , Mulberry:

Again another 6 piece eyeshadow set with 6 individual colours coordinated and included double ended applicator.

Now had I been shopping I actually don’t think I would have picked up this palette personally but I was overwhelmed by the results of this little beaut. I don’t really go for the “darker” lid however I do love a good old shimmer .

As dark as they look in the actual palette they didn’t go onto my lid dark.

The colours in this palette are simply stunning from left to right:

Shimmer silver,shimmer violet,shimmer burgundy, shimmer purple, shimmer golden brown and shimmer black.

These colours are very pigmented and such pretty autumnal colours and the shimmer isn’t overwhelming to me. My favourite colours to wear together were silver and burgundy. The shadows are long lasting and so easy to apply and blend and I found there was no fall out.

You could easily create a day to night look with this little beaut.

This palette is also available in other colours:

-Mulberry (this is the one I have)

Which are all just as stunning as this one just depends on the types of looks you go for. So yes I am happy to see I was pleasantly surprised with these colours.

Again this palette retails from £2 -£3.

Final Thoughts: 

Of course I have always been a fan of Technic I have never tried any of their palettes and have to say they are something I would buy. If you are looking for high end quality but low prices this is the brand for you. 

 You can visit Tehnics website here. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have used any Technic products before? 

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