Tuesday, 3 February 2015

20 Facts About ME!!

Hello all you lovely people,

After reading a few posts on other Blogs saying they like to read "personal" posts I thought I'd do a 20 Facts About Me post so ya'll can get to know me better??? :) 

Now these are pretty random facts hah, enjoy :) 

1. I am animal mad, 3 kitties and 3 piggies J (the guinea type) and I want MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

2. I sing all the time (not saying I’m good at it though)

3. I have suffered with depression

4. Social situations make me anxious

5. I never forget anything that’s said in an argument and use it for the next one... according to my partner haha

6. I am a pure stress head

7. I don’t take showers, I prefer a bath so I can stew in my own dirt

8. When I was “young” I used to be on so many “teams” dancing , swimming and gymnastics.. don’t know what happened. .. now I'm a fatty

9. I run my own business

10. I used to look after adults with Autism

11. I’m 5ft 3 aka Short arse

12. I'm obsessed with Lip balms, literally own LOADS 

13. I read loads of Blogs and bloody love it

14. I bite the side of my lip all the time such a bad habit, it comes out in a red lump.. not good for wearing lipstick.

15. I only started wearing makeup 6 months ago (I’m 27)

16. My niece makes my day , she literally copies everything I do … 

17. The last book I read was “50 Shades Of Grey”… sexyyyyy

18. Mornings are not for me … don’t talk to me

19. I passed my driving test when I was 17 ( wow 10 years ago)

20. I want at least 6 kids.. better get cracking thennn  

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below and tag me if you have a similar post. 

Marie xox