Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What to expect Week 8 pregnancy : THE TRUTH

Hello everyone, 

Today I thought I would share with you all my experience of 8 weeks pregnancy so far :) 

(This of course is my own experience I am not saying everyone else will feel the same.)

With only 30+ weeks away to meet this little bundle of joy I am so excited and should be “glowing” instead I am finding myself every morning with my head down the toilet “gagging” the nothing that is inside of me. 

Even brushing my teeth has become a chore, the little things I have took for granted like thinking straight are a thing of the past.

Now all I feel is what I call “nausea fog”… Can’t think of nothing else but will this please go away.

Of course nausea isn’t just the only symptom I am feeling, forcing food down has become another “issue” and not to mention that lovely burning sensation in your throat and chest otherwise known as “INDIGESTION” after anything you eat.

Food arrrghhh the enemy … No coffee , no food just nothing .. no Thank You . Food has become an enemy force feeding yourself and fancying nothing to eat really is just below the belt. The very thought of food sends the nausea wild not to mention the smell. Foods I once loved I now can not stand. Your only friend is water, treat him nicely.

By now I should be feeling “quite” hormonal but as I am feeling so sick I have not had the energy to take out my pregnancy on my partner just yet but I am sure I will be able to at some stage.  haaaa

No one ever tells you how annoying people actually are when you are pregnant the types of comments you have to put up with :

“You wanted this”

Yes I did want this it’s the nausea-sickness I do not want do not confuse them both.

“Can you not take anything to help with your sickness”

Yep magic pill from the doctor sort me right out, obviously if there was a “cure” I wouldn’t be 
sat here writing this post would I??????????????????????????????//

“I never felt sick once when I was pregnant”

Thanks for that , that really made me feel a lot better now.

“You’re barely pregnant yet you can’t feel that bad”

Errr the first 12 weeks are the hardest, do you realise how many changes my body is going through right now ?? Shut up.

Of course I also look as bad as I feel much like a dark sunken eyed pale ghost with spots apart from that a picture of health so yeah slightly glowing.

All this been said this baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me and is worth every ounce of sickness <3 

A few things I have found that slightly help morning sickness are:

Travel sickness wrist bands (got mine from Ebay for £1.74) 
Chicken Soup
Not letting myself get "hungry"
Eating little and often. 
Not jumping out of bed on a morning, take your time to get ready. 

I have my first ever midwife appointment next week feeling pretty worried about it to be honest.

Let me know how your first trimester went ????

I am missing my Blog too much haha , hope you are allllllll well xox