Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cougar by Paula Dunne Bee Venom Day Cream - Review April 2015

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Today I will review the Cougar Bee Venom Day Cream.

**Disclaimer the following products have been sent to me as a PR sample for review consideration, however all opinion and thoughts on the products are my own.**

Cougar by Paula Dunne Bee Venom Day Cream 50ml.

I’ll be honest once I received this cream and saw the words “bee venom” I was a little scared and remember being stung by a bee when I was a kid and it hurt A LOT (ha) so the thought of applying that onto my face was slightly terrifying. Don’t let this put you off at all I can happily say that it did not hurt what so ever.

The packaging was definitely higher end when it comes to skin cream and I absolutely LOVED the pump bottle rather than having to dip your finger in and apply. The bottle also meant I used less cream, I found only using one pump was enough to do my eyes and neck. 

The cream is designed to stimulate cell metabolism therefore plumping out thinner lines such as on the face and neck. 

This cream would be ideal for the more “mature” skin type I personally don’t have any visible lines to try it out on but I definitely saw a difference in my skin and for the first time in my first 3 months of pregnancy I actually looked “glowing” and even had a few people commented on my skin. 

I personally did not experience any redness or any kind of sting so I’d say that the cream is also okay to use on sensitive skin.

The cream it’s self had a lovely fresh scent, it was quite wet however absorbed so quickly but also easily spread therefore I didn't use more cream than I had too. I applied it under the eye area it gave my skin a very nourished look, I have used this cream every morning for the last two weeks and have seen good results would be good to use as a night cream too. 

Directions for application:

After cleansing smooth gently into face and neck using upward and outward movements. The best results can be obtained with regular application of the full Cougar Skincare range.

You can look at other Cougar Beauty Range on their website :  HERE.

So if your looking for youthful radiant skin I’d recommend you give this a try.

Have you ever tried any of Cougar beauty products ?

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