Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ovia Pregnancy App Tracker and Baby Calendar - Review August 2015

Hi Y'all 

As a first time mammy I have found what I consider one of the best pregnancy apps around. Simple, clear and easy to use. I am currently 34weeks pregnant and have used this app since I found out I was pregnant. 

A lot of Apps I tried out before this one I found were overly complicated and didn't do exactly what I was looking for. 

The App Ovia Pregnancy was such a great help to me as a first time mammy I wasn't sure what to expect or if my symptoms were normal. Not only does this App give advice you can also use it as a handy baby dairy you can list your symptoms , mood , sleep , nutrition , excise, weight, doctors appointments  or just general notes. 

You can also add milestones such as when you felt you first kick from baby (great way to keep track if you going to do a cute baby book which I plan on doing). Other milestones include "cannot see feet", "baby shower", "Learned baby sex", "Delivery", "Telling Family and Friends", "Decorating Nursery", "Belly pics"and "Ultra Sounds. 

I loved watching the size of my baby's hand prgress everyweek , she's nearly there ...eeeekkkk :) 

Another of my favourites from this App was the fact I could take belly pics as my pregnancy has progressed, somewhere personal to keep all pictures where from time to time I can look through and see how my body has changed, I found it amazing. 

I love how each week of pregnancy the App gives me a load of information on me and baby and I love reading how my baby is progressing week to week, they also have a fun picture at the top of the size of babies hand each week and baby size comparison to fruit or whatever theme you pick. 

Ahhh my little cabbage <3

I have listed myself notes throughout my pregnancy especially any baby names I have thought of but didn't have my little notebook to jot them down so handy to go back through each week/month looking at all the baby names I have loved... (still haven't decided on a name yet though ahhh)

So if you're looking for an easy to use App , advice and want to track you pregnancy then this is the app for you. Such a personal cute little baby diary. 

Marie <3