Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sassy Bloom Baby Subscription Box - MY FIRST ONE

Today I will be reviewing my first ever Sassy Bloom baby box . I was searching around google for a cute little subscription box for my 14week little girl Ivah and came across this site Sassy Bloom

Being a first time mummy I found it overwhelming with all the baby toys and products you can actually buy for Ivah's age I literally thought there'd be a few daft toys and that was it. In the end I just thought I'll order one of these boxes and see what goodies Ivah likes and go from there. 

Sassy Bloom is a personalised subscription box each box is tailored for YOUR baby which is what persuaded me to order one :) 

I ordered the trial box which was £40.00 to be honest I wanted to see the value for money before I committed to more than one month. Subscriptions start around £30.00 a month. 

Here is my review:


I must admit the packaging was the cutest ever, it came in a lovely white gift box with a gray ribbon to seal, made me think how happy I would be if someone bought me one of these as a gift haha. 

                                                       Here's what the inside looked like: 

First item was this cute little munchkin bath time duck, it's a bath thermometer the little blue sign on ducks tummy glows if the water is too hot. I was so excited when I saw this since my little munchkin no longer fits in her baby bath so I was looking to buy something like this for the "big" bath. However I must admit it was quite confusing at times whether or not the hot sign was glowing I had to keep turning the hot water on to remind myself what it looked like when it was glowing. 

RRP: £2.99

Next item was this Oball with rattle. Ivah was very impressed with this toy although she didn't quite understand that it was never going to fit into her mouth (ha!). Obviously it makes a nice rattling sound to get her attention and it's so easy for her to hold since it has nice big holes it always attracts her attention when on the floor next to her.

RRP: £6.99

Third item was this Taggies elephant toy which I must say Ivah is obsessed with she loves to just sit holding the ears which make the scrunching sound, it also has a ring at the top so I can also attach to car seat/floor mat which is great. 

RRP: £9.99 

My personal favourite was the cutest ever little bath towel which had Ivah's name on it. I love anything personalised, Ivah literally has about five blankets with her name on them :) . 
Just loved this so much, personalised things are always expensive too. 

The towel was a great size not small like usual baby towels so at least I can still use it for another good few months. 

RRP: £15.00 (based on research could not find exact item)

Next item was baby ring o links, I haven't opened these for Ivah yet they seem a little advanced for her age so I'm going to wait another few weeks to try her out with these. Can hook them together to make a small chain, great for babies development. :) 

RRP: £3-£6 

Finally there was the Flip Flop Nuby Cow teething book, what a great little item this was. The cow literally has everything attached to help Ivah's development. Scrunchy legs to help her hearing , teething legs(which could be starting any time soon), you open up the middle and it's a little book which is great and of course the squeaking head. Really loved this one.

RRP: £6.99 


Overall myself and Ivah liked this box a lot, a great mix of items and I loved how age appropriate they all were. Obviously my favourite item was the towel and Ivah's was her little elephant. 

I would recommend trying this box and I would love to hear any of your opions/reviews on your items. 

Great value for money, one item was tailored to me although I did see other reviews where other children of same age received a very similar box. 

I also think this would be great when Ivah is older and she can understand it will be full of goodies for her, I'd like to see her little face light up when it came through post :) 

Good value for money 
Variety of Toys 
Personalised items
Age appropriate
Great for a gift

Took a long time to arrive. 
Expensive (works out cheaper if take on a longer subscription)

Star Rating:


Thank you for reading xox