Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep - Review Feb 2016 A BABY MUST HAVE !!

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Buying baby things get be so overwhelming I mean who knew there was so many different baby bottles to chose from ?? not to mention teats??? I thought you just bought one type of bottle and job done ... apparently not. I seemed to get overloaded with information/advice from all professionals once I got pregnant not to mention friends/family unwanted advice on how to prepare the bottles how you shouldn't prepare them in advance .. blah blah blah...

So when I came across this little beauty I was even more bamboozled, how can a machine prepare a baby bottle ready to drink within 2 minutes ???

I admit I was kinda skeptical of spending so much money on a machine that I might not even like ... But after watching a few Youtube videos, I thought I'd take the plunge and order one and I'll be honest out of all the baby products/gadgets I have bought (of which there are many) it is literally the BEST THING EVER!!!.

How does it work? 

This amazing little machine makes a baby bottle ready to drink (room temperature) in less than 2 minutes.

I will tell you literally how easy it is to use in a few steps...

Step 1: Select how many ounces you want (obviously you can leave it on the usual setting you would make for your baby, you don't need to adjust it each time)

Step 2: Press middle button , a red light will start flashing this is adding hot water it will automatically stop once it has added the correct amount of boiling water.

Step 3: Add your baby milk and shake with the handy bottle top that come with the pack (be careful it's hot)

Step 4: (make sure you take the lid off after shaking bottle) Press button again this time a green light will show cool water will be added the water will automatically stop once it has reached the correct ounces.

Step 5: Put bottle top (teat) on and feed your little angel.

This machine is the holy grail for formula fed babies in my opinion.

Seriously I can not recommend this baby bottle maker enough , lets be honest with ourselves who actually wants to be up at 3am waiting for a bottle to "cool"? NOT ME this machine actually makes a bottle room temperature meaning in two small minute your baby will be getting that little tummy full.

I read some other reviews before I bought this machine ... yes it makes a beeping noise once the bottle is made but literally at 3am who cares so long as it gets the job done???.